• Benfoorme

The idea was simple...

..we’d make finding the meals we needed as easy as ’scrolling through Netflix’ or finding the right partner via a simple swipe on Bumble.

It wasn’t about washboard abs or achieving a perfectly sculpted physique. We wanted to feel better, happier and most importantly, have the energy to do the things we love.

In the age of ordering a cab from your smartphone or online delivery within just a few hours, why were we following a one size fits all diet... or worse, counting calories by frantically scanning the back of a sandwich during the lunchtime rush?

As simple as the idea sounded, there was a lot of work to be done. We’d need to look at the food we eat in a completely different way.

Using millions of data points across thousands of meals, we were able to combine nutritional science with carefully crafted algorithms to help people choose the right meal based on their goals, location and activity.

After 5,000 hours, 50 prototypes and lots of tears, we released our first live app to our private test group last week.

We’d love for you to join us on our journey. Feel free to drop us a message or register for early access to our iOS app here.

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